So what's Auburn WA like these days?
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My dream job is relocating my family and I to the Kent area, and I'm expanding my house search to include nearby cities. It's been a decade since I've lived thereabouts... So what's Auburn like these days?
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Best answer: Hey, me again from the same thread....I have more family there!

Auburn is about 20 minutes to Kent if taking the surface streets. A very easy drive. OTOH...

Auburn's main arterial "Auburn Way South" gets very, very clogged at main commute times and in the summer when there are concerts at the White River Amphitheater. Its so bad that we always schedule around any event held there.

Auburn is a working town and its much smaller than Kent and more conservative. Things are even more spread out and a car will be needed. You may be lucky and get a limited run metro bus that will go from Auburn downtown to Kent downtown. Its going thru alot of growing pains at the moment and services can be a bit lacking. Housing is a bit cheaper but not too much since everyone is getting squeezed out of the Seattle market and tons of people commuting work for Microsoft, Amazon, Tmobile etc and therefore have to find housing north/south of seattle.

I think Auburn has less charm than Kent. I can recommend a great dentist and british style butcher!
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