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Recommendations needed for venues for social events for queer academics in Washington, D.C., please!

I've been asked by my research group of queer academics to find social venues for our upcoming conference in Washington, D.C. Specifically, they'd like to attend a drag show, and it turns out that Googling "drag show Washington DC" is not turning up results as useful as I'd have expected (the best hit is out in Crystal City...)

So, dear green, can you recommend a venue that we might find a good drag show in D.C.? We'll be near the National Zoo (though we can metro and Lyft for a good show), and most people will be at the conference Thursday through Sunday. A bar or other venue where POC and gendernonconforming / trans folks are going to be comfortable would be best (we're a fairly diverse group), and somewhere that has good non-alcoholic options would be amazing.

(Recommendations for queer-owned coffee shops for a non-booze centered event are also welcome, though I've found a couple of reasonable looking possibilities there...)

Thanks y'all!
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Nellie's does drag brunch on weekends (buy tickets ahead of time, they sell out). A League of Her Own/Pitcher's is also a good bet, and both are in NW DC.
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D.C. doesn't have a huge drag scene, except for brunch. Perry's is the institution for drag brunch in DC.

Freddy's Beach Bar in Crystal City is delightful and easy to get to from downtown DC.

Metro Weekly and the DC Blade are the queer publications that probably have the most relevant events calendars.
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Yeah, totally worth it to go to Freddy's in Crystal City. Very easy to get there from downtown on the Metro.
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Yeah, I'll also vouch for Freddy's.
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