Looking for a PC Game Title From the Early 2000s
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There was a puzzle-adventure game I played in the early 2000s on my PC. It wasn't Myst, but it was extremely similar and easier. I need to know the name of it, but I can't remember.

I will spare the details as to why I need to know the name of this game, but I need to figure it out, and I can't without help. (I've already wasted a week of off and on Googling for this title.)

It was a PC game. It would have been purchased in 2004, but the publish date was likely much earlier. I bought it from a Target store on CD. It was extremely similar to Myst, and definitely the same puzzle-adventure genre, but it wasn't Myst. It claimed to be open-world, but it wasn't very open-world at all compared to what that means today; you had to follow a pretty strict storyline without much room for freedom. It was a "short" game, with barely 10 hours of gameplay, and only a few hours or even less if you had a walkthrough.

I thought it had the word Adventure and/or Island in the title, but my Google searching comes up empty as there are far too many game titles with those words.

The overall plot of the game is this: You were a female(?) character that ended up shipwrecked on an island while searching for a relative(?) who was also shipwrecked previously. You started out on the beach and did a few simple tasks. I remember having to watch out for an animal dropping coconuts on your head, otherwise you would die and start over(?). Then you went up the hill and had to fight a snake. Then you saw the ghost of the ship's captain. Then you had to solve all these puzzles. The two puzzles I clearly remember are a music/organ puzzle, and then near the very end of the game you had to create a battery out of things you found to power a radio to call for help.

It was supposed to be "easy", but I still had to Google for a walkthrough to finish it because I got stuck on making the battery since my science skills weren't strong enough.

I hope I have provided enough detail! Thanks in advance!
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Return to Mysterious Island?
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This walkthrough mentions the coconuts, the snake, a ghost, an organ puzzle, and batteries.
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Here's the first walkthrough video in a series.
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That is it! Thank you, wow!
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So the mysterious game from your past that you were trying to find was titled 'Return to Mysterious Island'?!?!


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