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A friend and I are planning on meeting at the Morgan Library & Museum in Midtown Manhattan (on Madison between 36th and 37th) on Saturday morning and would like to grab a casual breakfast at a coffee shop or bakery beforehand around 9 am. Where in the area has delicious pastries and/or breakfast sandwiches and lots of comfortable seating?

I know it's Midtown so it's like chockablock full of coffee shops, but by the same token it's hard to tell which ones are tiny grab-and-go places and which ones have more seating. I am not too fussed about the coffee or tea, as long as the food and seating offerings are good. (And for this we're looking for counter-order places, not a sit-down joint.) Thanks!
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Chocolat Michel Cluizel is on Madison Ave. It has baked goods and coffee.
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Culture Espresso Is a few blocks away on W 38th St—about ten minutes by foot. They have delicious pastry, good coffee, and a few tables as well as stools and a communal table.
I only visit the shop infrequently, and rarely on weekends. I always enjoy the atmosphere and the coffee. Google Maps says the shop is “usually not that busy” before ten o’clock on a Saturday.
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Best answer: Maison Kayser has a couple of locations near the Morgan Library. The one on Bryant Park is the one I’ve been to the most and there’s always plenty of seating. They have a sit-down service area and I’ve gone there just for pastries and coffee, but there is also a space “next door” (It’s one big connected space, really, but the layout is a bit confusing.) with a couple of tables if you prefer to just order something from the counter and sit for a bit.

Paris Baguette is not so busy at 9 am on Saturdays. It’s in Koreatown, though, and I don’t know if you want to walk that far. It’s a Korean chain and you find interesting pastries (I like the red bean mochi doughnuts! And the curry buns.) along with the more common /usual sandwiches and French-inspired pastries.
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Caffe Marchio on 30th just east of Madison has great pastries, and you can sit there or in the hotel it's housed in.
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