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Can you recommend digital/online tools to use to conduct competitive intelligence? For example, Crayon is one company that lets you compare products and website changes. Are there other companies that offer similar tools? If you were to learn from your competitors, what tools would you use?
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Socialbakers is a SaaS platform for monitoring activity and performance of business social pages.
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There are loads of competitor intelligence tools out there. Most are SaaS-based. is a web scraping tool used to find your competitor's pricing.

Semrush - to uncover your competitor's web strategy.

Kompyte - yet another service to track competitor website changes.

Discoverorg - to discover the technologies (tech stack) which your competitors are using.

Contify - service to deliver curated competitor intelligence based on keywords.

Pipecandy - consumer sentiment analysis for brands based on data mined from social media.
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