Another Shark Game Question...
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So I’ve been playing the addictive incremental Shark Game (previously, previously, previously) for…a bit. Do you have any favorite personal side-quest kinds of things?

I’m at a 1.18K climate level; moving through a world is completely trivial because all my migrators are on maximum power.

I know there’s nothing else that’s going to “happen,” but I’m curious if there are more things to achieve, just for my own dumb purposes. Do the totems of different animals ever get to maximum power? Are there any fun tricks or personal games you like to try to do within levels? Sometimes I try to get as many things to “lots” as possible, for example. I dislike the world-skipping method of essence farming, but otherwise: Please help me fuel my passion for this silly game.
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I love this game too. Except for some reason I hit climates 109-120 and then all of my worlds' climates went backwards. I hit 1 and they've started going back up. Odd

Other challenges you could do, complete a level with only one resource type and the recycling bin. ?
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I'm on a quest to get "lots" of everything and have everything go up by "lots." So I have lots of all the resources, obviously (fish, sponge, crystals etc. etc.), and those are all going up by lots. I have lots of all the animals that farm things (crabs, sharks etc.), and now I'm looking to have those go up by lots (i.e. have enough nurse sharks that I generate lots of sharks per second), and then have lots of nurse sharks.

On my home computer I've been on this quest for more than 2 years. I have the sharks/crabs etc. going up by octillians per second. On my office computer I've been going for about 4 months and I'm up to septillions per second on most and octillions on a couple.
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