Ridiculous shark game!
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This lovely post has me addicted to this ridiculous game And this article seems helpful- BUT I don't have any shrimp or sponge! What am I missing?
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How many dolphins have you got?
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Dolphins- dolphins 10.2K + 8/S
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I took a peek in the javascript of the game and under homeactions.js it lists the prerequisites of "getShrimp" as needing 5 sponge and the upgrade "seabed geology" which needs the upgrade "crystal container". The prerequisites of "prySponge" which gives you 1 sponge is the upgrade "sponge collection", which also requires sea bed geology.

Then later it lists getting a sponge farmer as costing 200 coral glass and requiring the upgrade coral circuitry, which needs the automation upgrade and coral glass smelting.

Does this help?
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Based on what Iron Carbide is saying, that gives me an in-game thought: have you explored the Laboratory yet? I completely missed it for a while, it's a menu near the top. Doing stuff in the lab might unlock them.
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Have you EVER had shrimp? Before you find the... thing (minor spoiler), you're not going to have access to shrimp nor sponges. Only certain areas have them and you don't start there.
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That's a condensed version of what I said, immediately after this was posted, but my comment was deleted :)
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...and now it seems to be down, just as I figured out my own sponge/shrimp problems.
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You need to do stuff in the Laboratory at the top. But not EVERY world has sponge and shrimp, so it'll depend on which world you find yourself in. (I've also become OBSESSEDDDDD with this game based in the last month, so also please feel free to MeMail me for more.) You might also find this more helpful than the part about Essence Farming.
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