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Are there any real estate sites, a la Zillow, that allow you to filter listings by proximity to public transit?

Trulia has this option for rental listings, but not for houses for sale. Other sites have a "Transit Score" listed on various listings, but as far as I can tell there is no way to filter listings by that transit score.
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So the Transit Score is part of the "Walk Score." On their website you can enter an individual address. But when I poked around Zillow and Redfin, which, it turns out, bought the Walk Score/Transit Score business, I'm seeing that this information in real estate listings is actually being offered at the neighborhood level, not for individual houses. You'd have to go enter the individual address in the Walk Score search to find information for houses.

But, since they own it, Redfin seems likely to have this information the most integrated, yet, when I poked around, I didn't see a way to sort by any of these scores.

I hope this is helpful more than unhelpful.
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Where are you located? I believe StreetEasy has this feature, but that's not exactly useful outside NYC.
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