Which TV shows are limited on Hulu?
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I have the paid, commercial-free version of Hulu. I know this allows me all of Hulu's catalog, but I'm trying to figure out which TV shows are limited in what's allowed on Hulu, for their currently-airing shows.

I thought it might be limited by network, but in checking their catalog now for NBC, I found that I can watch any episode of the current season of "I Feel Bad," but "The Good Place" offers only the latest five episodes. "This is Us" offers the entire 3 seasons available, including new episodes, whereas "Chicago Med" has only their current season, season 4.

Is there someplace that will let me know I need to stay more caught up on one show versus another because Hulu will drop the older episodes sooner?

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On the Roku app (and possibly other apps), there's an "Expiring" category under "My Stuff". However, the same information doesn't appear to be available on the website; whether you can access that info may be platform-dependent.
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