Fast, good-enough sticker printing
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Can you recommend a good sticker printing service? I'm looking to print 200-300 stickers, cut-to-size or sheet, to arrive by Feb 20th. The stickers would be a circle (2 inch diameter) and would ideally be water resistant.

As far as I can tell, the most recent Ask Me about sticker printing was looking for an entirely different type of sticker.
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I just bookmarked yesterday from a recommendation from my favorite soapmaking youtuber. They have "weather resistant" labels, which I think is what you're wanting, and she claims they have the best prices and her labels are always well-printed and look good.
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The folks at stickermule have delivered high-quality stickers for me and several other folks I know many times over the past few years. They have made water-resistant, 2" circle stickers from my design and delivered within a week.
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I'm also vouching for Sticker Mule. They've consistently gotten their stickers out to me faster than their estimates, too.
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I came in here to recommend sticker mule too. They're great.
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The owner of Sticker Mule has some questionable politics, I believe. I prefer Sticker Giant.
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This is obviously past your due date, but StickerYou does great work and is super fast. I've ordered stickers from them for my homebrewed cider and you can wash the bottle without the sticker coming off at all.
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