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Amazingly, I seem to have caught up on all the shows I wanted to watch, but there must be more!

Shows I like: Parks & Rec, The Office, New Girl, This Is Us, The Good Place. Shows I don't like: anything with even a smidgen of murder, violence, blood, gore, zombies, ghosts, etc. And it's not that I don't like them, it's just that I'm a huge chicken who gets scared really easily. So I would love to be able to watch Game of Thrones, for example, but I know I couldn't handle the violence. And I'm really not kidding about the gore/violence... for example, in the newest season of New Girl, there's a scene in a kindergarten where a person gets stabbed in the face by a kiddie scissor. Clearly it was meant to be comedic, but it made me queasy.

So I am usually good with light, easygoing shows, but one show I couldn't get through was Young & Hungry. It was really light and funny but too vapid even for me. So I do prefer some drama in my comedies.
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Mrs Maisel and Catastrophe
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Hart of Dixie
A Million Little Things
Splitting Up Together
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We like all those shows and just started watching Superstore. It’s pretty fun.
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Peep Show is on Amazon Video. Has some great comedy scenes and cingeworthy moments not too different from The Office.
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High Maintenance
Brooklyn 99
My Brother My Brother and Me
Man Seeking Woman
Better Off Ted
People Of Earth
Great News (BIG recommend if you liked Parks & Rec)
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One Mississippi
Drunk History
Adam Ruins Everything
The Orville
Silicon Valley
Curb Your Enthusiasm
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Schitt’s Creek
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Did you watch Mozart in the Jungle? Amazon Prime Original, maybe tends more drama-y than the others on your list but it was excellent and I’m terribly sorry it’s over.
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Playing House is new to Amazon and utterly delightful--as gentle and warm as Parks, and very sweet.
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I adored The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. Recommend it highly.
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Jane the Virgin. Mostly very funny and endearing with silly dramatic points and some romance. Little violence, non gory. Show is smart and takes opportunities in the plot to take a stance on things like immigration, abortion, vasectomies etc.

It's the first thing I've seen since Parks and Rec that I like as much.
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If you missed Gilmore Girls there are 7 seasons to catch up on.
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The Resident
The Passage

(On hulu)
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Jane the Virgin
30 Rock
Silicon Valley
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Red Oaks

Seconding One Mississippi and Mrs Maisel
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I love Jane the virgin, but there is a realistic gunshot in one episode.
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You have very similar tastes in television to my wife. Shows not on your list that she loves (I apologize that I don't know what's available on what service) :

Happy Endings
Better Off Ted
Running Wilde
Arrested Development
How I Met Your Mother
3rd Rock from the Sun
Just Shoot Me
Party Down
Raising Hope
30 Rock
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

These probably fail your 'violent hijinx' criteria to one degree or another, but you might sample and judge for yourself:

The Good Guys
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There is an Australian series on Hulu called "Please Like Me" that aired there from 2013 to 2016 i think. the character development is really good. It's got a bit of a New Girl feel but with more sincere heart and less "everything is always a joke".. it has hannah gadsby in it, and was written by josh .. oh geeze, can't remember his last name but you'll dig it I think. Not perfect but quite good and a refreshing change from hollywood produced tv. Its more a series than a sitcom.

This is throwbacky but .. why not: If you're not already familiar with Taxi .. well, You might enjoy a Taxi rerun, also on hulu .. Or 3 or 4 or 20. I have seen every episode multiple times thanks to nick at night .. they first aired more than 4 decades ago but they still bring joy. Reassuringly, nothing ever goes too terribly wrong.

Also, sort of relatedly, if you feel like a think about how narratives of white women making it on their own in cities in america have changed since the 20th century, you can also find Mary Tyler Moore reruns on hulu. I prefer Rhoda , a spin off based on Mary's fiesty bff /sidekick, but those, last I checked, are only on youtube.

If you can handle period pieces, on Amazon I recently really enjoyed watching Bramwell, staring Jemma Redgrave as a lady doctor in Victorian london.

I'll register one surly firm vote against the Marvellous Mrs Maisel .. I just can't with that show. It seems to make a parody of the time and the people it's trying to portray and claims to celebrate. New yorkers, comics, comediennes scrappy enough to have actually made it in that time and place , Jews, Parisians (sp?) .. every identity is reduced to a jokey one liner or a stereotype. I know folks love it. But .. yeah. It also has some history problems and attention to detail problems. I'll not go on bc I'm typing from a tiny screen and you weren't asking for a rant .. I guess just know if you don't adore it it's not just you.

Oh and maybe you'd like Forever on Amazon, and Insecure if you have HBO for amazon.
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SpongeBob SquarePants. Seasons 1-3 only because the creator left after the 3rd.
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Nthing Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Also, I’m about four episodes into Being Erica, and it seems to meet your criteria. It’s a cute show!
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It's very sweet, slow, sometimes profound. I love it.
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"Counterpart" A hapless UN employee discovers the agency he works for is hiding a gateway to a parallel dimension that's in Cold War with our own, and where his other self is a top spy. The war slowly heats up thanks to spies from both sides. (IMDb) Intelligent and exciting, there's a lesbian contract killer. Baldwin is not to be missed at 0.21.
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The Good Place and Parks and Rec both involved Mike Schur so you might want to check out Brooklyn 99, also by him. We have very similar "no thank you" lists and Bob's Burgers always has worked well for me. Drunk History is pretty great too.
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Rosehaven and Utopia are both excellent.
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Ah, okay my other very favourite shows that you might like are: Northern Exposure (check at your library) if you haven't seen it. Philosophic sitcom with some light touches of magic realism. Very thoughtful. No violence that I can recall.

This may be too light, but the old Jeeves and Wooster with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry used to be on Hulu. It's great.

I almost always an late to things and often read synopsis so I know if there's anything I need to skip and where it occurs. I managed Outlander this way. Games of Thrones was too much. The gunshot in Jane is easily avoided.
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"Counterpart" is amazingly good, but I think there is way too much violence for the OP.
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+1 on Detectorists, very charming. Don't know where it's streaming at the moment, but The Grinder was fun. Episodes, if you can handle some Matt LeBlanc. The amazing Phoebe Waller-Bridge has a show called Fleabag on Amazon; she's also the main creative force behind a show called Crashing that was very good.
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This Country (which is about cousins in the countryside) on Hulu and People Just do Anything (about a pirate radio station in London) on Netflix are both comedies from the BBC. Nobody gets hurt!
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I loved "Community" but it's been long enough that I can't make promises about violence. I don't remember any.... there was the paintball fight :-)
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The Passage definitely has violence.

The Resident has blood and occasional violence (it's an ER style hospital show, so physical trauma is part of the drama).
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Try any of Michael Palin's travel shows.
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Check out Kim's Convenience. It's on Netflix. It's great.
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