Discovering Average Wait After Airdate on Various Streaming Services?
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Is there anything out there that advises, for a show you would type in, what the average wait between airdate and it showing up on a particular legal streaming service is?

For example, I might put in “Doctor Who” and it would tell me that (completely making these up) for Netflix it’s two weeks, for Amazon Prime it’s the end of season, and it’s not on Hulu at all.
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I'm not aware of any such service, but that doesn't mean it won't exist.

Are you only interested in streaming answers?

I ask because the pattern I usually see is that LOTS of TV (and Doctor Who fits this pattern) goes like:

* Airs on day X
* Available for *purchase* on X + 1 day
* Maybe someday on an all-you-can-eat streaming service.

We've watched plenty of shows this way, and it's cost-effective for us because we don't follow many programs. We have a super-bare-bones TV package (basically, broadcast + HBO), and snag shows on a "season pass" basis, and still spend less money than we would if we had a bigger channel list.

(HBO, obviously, is different. You can't watch any of their shows until the home video/purchase release unless you have a subscription to their service. No idea if other premium channels like Showtime do the same thing, though.)
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If a show is going to be on Netflix--and there's no hard-and-fast rule for that at the moment--in my experience the latest season will generally show up four to six weeks BEFORE the next season makes its broadcast premiere, as kind of an advertisement/method to catch up with the previous season(s). If there's no next season, like for example Sons of Anarchy Season 7 or Penny Dreadful Season 3, it will show up four to six weeks AFTER the final episode airs. iTunes and Hulu new episodes generally show up the next day after the initial airdate. Amazon Prime, Crackle, non-US shows and the second- and third-tier services I have no insights on, sorry.
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There's which will tell you what's available now, but I'm guessing you already know about that one and are looking for something with historical data you can query? They don't seem to offer that.

However, it might be worth shooting them an email to see if they have any ideas, or would develop reports as an enhancement to their current service, or share some data with you, etc.
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