Finding owner of stray dog near Ontario Oregon?
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I'm from DC and am visiting my dad in eastern Oregon (Baker City) for a few days. On the drive from Boise airport I stopped at a truck stop just west of Ontario (Fruitvale?) and found a shivering skinny pup who looks like a Chihuahua mix. Any ideas on finding his people?

He was wearing a harness, and appears to have been someone's pet -- he knows all about sleeping under blankets, for instance. He's an intact male though, and I was told that area is a place where dogs tend to get dumped. I left my name and number with the truck stop, and a local lady who was there when I got him took his picture and posted on social media and got some shares without success so far. I'm going to get him checked for a chip also. Any other ideas for finding his people if any?
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Is there a local SPCA or Humane Society? You could try giving them a call to see if anyone has reported a dog matching his description as lost.
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There's a Lost Pets Oregon Facebook page that seems to be pretty active and might also help you find other resources.
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You can check for local humane societies and rescue groups. The grapevine can be very strong - maybe someone has heard of a missing dog.

But odds are high that you won't be able to find the owner, so you might as well start trying to find a place for him to go, assuming you can't keep him yourself.
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Found his mom thru social media!! He was happy...
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