Girl Scout Cookie Prices
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Girl Scout Cookie Prices - What are they selling for in the San Francisco Bay Area?

It'll be pretty embarrassing when someone links, but a cursory search didn't turn up anything. You may need to ask an actual girl scout for this info.
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Last time I bought some I think it was $6 a box. On the Berkeley campus.
posted by shapes that haunt the dusk at 12:52 AM on January 30

Also they were yelling “Girl Scout cookies! We take credit cards!”
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$5/box, $6 for Toffee Tastic and S'mores in Cupertino. Source: my friend’s kid who is a Scout.
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(Note: cookie prices are set independently by each GS council.)
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I'm picking mine up today (yum!) from a work colleague in SF, and can confirm phunniemee's price link.
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I just paid $5 a box for Thin Mints this week fairly close to the ferry building.
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$5 for standard cookies, $6 for the special cookies.

Wow. I usually pay a lot more than that for special cookies in the Bay Area.
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$5 standard / $6 special at the unSafeway on La Playa in the Outer Richmond nabe of SF. Also, nobody ever appreciates my standard joke of "ARE THESE MADE FROM REAL GIRL SCOUTS?"

I'm buying 5 boxes I should get a laugh for that.
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Thanks, everyone.
posted by ryanrs at 12:37 PM on January 30

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