Good news aggregator?
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Is there a site or app that will aggregate good news for me? I’m familiar with the fact that lots of people in the world are doing much better than ever. Nonetheless, reading the news everyday and seeing new nuclear weapons, climate change, babies in wells, austerity, etc., gets me into a bit of a state. I don’t want to completely bury my head, but is there somewhere I can go where the news is always on the sunny side?
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Future Crunch aggregate Good News stories, but it's not on a daily basis
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There's the r/UpliftingNews subreddit.
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Yes! Magazine doesn't just have "good" news but it presents stories about economic, environmental and social justice projects that are working.
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I subscribe to the Small Victories newsletter for this
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The Washington Post has an Inspired Life section; you can also sign up for a weekly email. They describe it as "Inspiration, help and humor to improve your life and the lives of others," but it's better than that makes it sound.
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Sunny Skyz!
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On Instagram I follow Tanksgoodnews. Substantial stories, not just fluff like some "good news" places.
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"In Better News" is lovely little boost of positive news for weekday mornings.
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These are all great, thank you!
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