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I have a problem. I just downloaded a couple of programs that are practical for my everyday online commuting. Now when I open internet explorer it only opens the page halfway when I want it to be fully maximized. Anyone knows how to do that?
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Obvious stuff first: Do you mean that the window is just physically smaller than you'd like it? If so, it could be resolved by manually dragging each of the edges to the appropriate size, not just by clicking the Maximize button. After that one time, new "non-maximized" windows will open to the size to which you dragged that window.

If it's actually stuck, and you can't make it bigger, do you have software to scan for spy/mal-ware? It may be something like that, in which case, start with Ad-Aware
posted by odinsdream at 4:08 PM on February 21, 2006

what are the programs? Are you on a PC?
posted by jonson at 4:26 PM on February 21, 2006

It may be helpful to know what programs you downloaded (unless you, for whatever reason, don't feel comfortable posting that), since it should then be easy to rule out the possibility of spyware.
posted by Pontius Pilate at 4:26 PM on February 21, 2006

To stack on odinsdream's post - IE in Windows remembers the size of the last window you closed, so make sure that you get the size just right, then close it, then spawn a new window.

Or, you know, spyware.

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I asked the same question before....

Here ya go!
posted by keep it tight at 6:13 PM on February 21, 2006

Thanks guys, I appreciate everyone's help!
posted by Gabe014 at 9:25 AM on February 22, 2006

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