How do I get a job in Leisure Service?
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How do I put my recent Leisure Service Management degree to use?

After an internship working with youth on Catalina Island, California, I finally obtained my bachelor's degree in Leisure Service Management. I realize that there are many great job opportunties for such a degree all over the American west and northwest (national forests, white-water rafting guides, et cetera), but I hope to move to the Texas coast or Florida. I'd like to work in a charter boat service or with a skin-diving operation. Also, any kind of Recreational Activities position at a hotel would be perfect. My only problem is this: I live in a land-locked state and have no contacts at South Padre Island, the Keys, Galveston, Tampa, or anywhere else in those regions.

I would like information on (1) Internet forums visited by folks in this profession, (2) Career sites catering to those with such degrees (there's nothing at Monster or CareerBuilder for Leisure Service degrees), or (3) Simply advice on how to go about finding my dream job.

Thanks to all!
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Some generic job hunting advice may do you well.

First of all, if you've just completed a degree, your school ought to have some kind of placement services and/or alumni network. Use those if they're available.

If there's no formal alumni network, try to find other alumni of your program and ask to meet with them to get "information." Don't ask them for jobs, ask them for the kind of advice you hope to get here. Often, they'll know of openings you might not be able to find.

Second, as you might have guessed, this requires you to be where the jobs are to be most effective. Visit Galveston, Tampa, the Keys, and MAKE contacts. You might even consider moving to your top choice area (or a place near multiple markets, such as somewhere in Florida) and take any work you can get while searching for your dream job.

Third, if hotel chains are likely sources of job leads, try to network with people there.

Good luck, and let us know where you end up. A steady stream of MeFi-reading customers can't hurt your job prospects.
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Look at Student Activities, Student Union, and Student Life positions at colleges in the areas that you want to work. They hire people with your background for a lot of similar work. Two places to start: The Chronicle of Higher Education and Higher Ed Jobs.
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