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What is the job market like for I.T. professionals in Austin and how can I join the ranks?

My wife and I are sold on Austin and are planning to relocate by the end of the year. I am a project manager with a PMP certification with 14 years in I.T.

I came out of school with a MIS degree, got into web development and kind of made my way to were I am now which is a project manager / test manager for a large system conversion at a bank working with HP and Oracle.

What is the best way to approach looking for employment when I am not living in Austin? Should I go through a local headhunter / recruiter? Is it going to be a brutal search? Should I be looking for niche or generalist positions? What are your tips for jumping into the Austin job market for the first time?
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The good news is that jobs are doing OK here, according to TWC.

Competition-wise, you may soon be up against a lot of candidates who have lost jobs in education or the state government.

I had a very easy job search in 2007, but I'm not sure how relevant this is. I'm a configuration management/release engineering specialist, so I'm either just who someone is looking for or they don't need me at all.
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