Vegas, February 23
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Alas, our previous plans have fallen apart. What show to see in Las Vegas on Saturday February 23?

We were supposed to see Britney Spears (judge all you want - she is a phoenix) but she cancelled the show due to an ill family member. We already bought plane tickets and have tickets to O the night before.

Here's what seems to be going on that night:
Boyz II Men
Duran Duran
Diana Ross
Chicago - The Band
Backstreet Boys
Blue Man Group
David Copperfield

None of these are artists/shows I'm dying to see (I think?). Penn and Teller are out of town. I've seen Love.

Any testimonials for seeing any of the above? Or any suggestions for an alternative show?

Staying out of smokey areas is a small goal.
If it was something incredible we'd be willing to pay, but if it is something only ok, we'd rather keep it cheaper.
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Diana Ross is 74 and (based on reviews) is still the bee's knees. I would do that. It's a 2000-seater venue so fairly intimate by Vegas standards. She's the one artist in that list I'd probably regret not seeing if I had to choose.
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I say this as not-a-huge-fan who has been taken to (willingly) a few of their shows by his superfan wife: Duran Duran put on a really solid show. You know all their megahits, you'll hear all of them, and in their sets they mix in enough other familiar/recent/newish stuff to keep it interesting. They are in no way just an 80's nostalgia act playing rote recitations of their hits with session guys, it's the original band. (we're going to the show on the 21st and my wife's also going on the 22nd).

I'm not sure if he's going to be involved in this tour, but Nile Rogers has worked with DD a lot. Chic opened for (and Rodgers actually played with) DD on their last tour, which was pretty dang amazing.

You also can't go wrong with Diana Ross. The rest of that list is...well, it sure is a list.
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If you like Britney, the Backstreet Boys are the same era/style, and they're amazing in concert - I travelled to Liverpool to watch them when I lived in France and it was 100% worth it.
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I really loved Michael Jackson ONE and I’m not even much of an MJ fan. But the show was amazing! It’s over in Mandalay Bay.
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I am going to that Duran Duran show! So, I'm biased, I think it'll be good fun. But, all things being relatively equal, I think Diana Ross is the show you're a) probably not likely to get a chance to see again b) going to get the best production and glitz bang-for-buck, if the tickets aren't obscene.
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I saw the Blue Man Group last year and I was fully prepared to be bored, but it was hilarious! Obviously you can go see them any time and in many places, so it is not really urgent, but it is worth seeing.
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I just got back from Vegas! My totally out of left field recommendation is that you go to Freemont Street and see Spandex Nation. It's a free 80s cover band show. They're surprisingly excellent.
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Do you like comedy? Jerry Seinfeld is at Caesar's that night.
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Boyz II Men was unimpressive and seemingly very short. I haven't seen the Backstreet Boys in Vegas, but I did see them in San Diego and the concert was super fun and energetic! Pretty sure if you're going for Britney, you'll love the BSB show.
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Ahem ...

Biggest thrill of my life.
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If you are a Britney fan, Backstreet Boys are probably up your alley, and they are a great live show.
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