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Are there any brands of soft t-shirt/jersey-style men's long-sleeved shirts available in the UK that are notably longer in the body than other brands?

I've been mixing up my gender presentation recently and wearing a lot more men's clothes as an AFAB person. I really like it, but I'm almost totally new to buying menswear and have the unknown-unknowns problem of not knowing what brands exist, which brands are good for particular kinds of items, etc.

I really like wearing soft long-sleeved crew neck shirts (like this), but the brands I've tried so far (H&M, Tesco F&F) all seem shorter in the body than my actual body is.

I'm lucky, I guess, that I don't have some of the other sizing issues that AFAB people encounter when buying men's clothing - I'm 5'11 and sturdily-built, I easily fill the shoulders on men's clothing etc. I have long legs and a long body somehow.

However, I also have some very-biologically-female traits, like a high natural waist that is several inches narrower than my hips. Because of this waist/hip disparity, I find that regular-length men's shirts ride up into my waist groove all the damn time and leave the back of my hips to get chilly. Even worse when I'm wearing a binder, as this seems to further define my waist gap and encourages shirts to roll up into it even more.

If I could find shirts that were maybe 2-4 inches longer than the ones I'm currently wearing, that would be ideal - once the bottom hem of the shirt sits below the hump of my hips, as it were, rolling up stops being an issue. I can't size up in H&M as I'm already wearing the largest men's size they carry. I could size up with the Tesco shirts, but they're not as stretchy as the H&M ones, and I fear that sizing up will get me a wider rather than a longer torso on the shirt. I generally wear an XL-2XL in men's upper body wear.

Is there anywhere that carries a soft, comfy long-sleeved men's shirt that's also notably longer in the body? Online or in-store is fine as long as they're available in the UK. Even better if they're £10/shirt or less.
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In the US, this niche is filled by 'TALL' sizes. For example, a 2X shirt will be wider but a 2XT will be wider and longer.
Sorry that I cannot offer UK specific advice. The need for longer shirts should be universal so perhaps look for the equivalent of a Big & Tall section at your shops?
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It's US based, but you might try Duluth Trading Company shirts, many of which are "long tail".
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This advice is unfortunately Canada/US centric but I buy Eddie Bauer medium-tall knit shirts. Often you can get them for half price or less. I have a long torso and long arms and they actually fit. The key with EB is that their Ts cost more but really do last for years. Old Navy also has tall sizes that cost less, but durability may be a concern. Honestly I'd recommend just buying a dozen shirts from EB, treating them as an investment, and you'll be wearing them for 10-15 years even if you wear them every day (which I do, every damn day, I have like 20 black and jewel tone coloured EB shirts).

Both these brands will ship to the UK from their online stores. Perhaps not as helpful as I wish but I am really hard to fit and these are the few brands that work for me.
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American Tall has a selection of long-sleeve shirts and they do ship to the UK so that's one option if none of the others pan out.
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