The Eyelashes (NOT of Tammy Faye)
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I enjoy wearing false eyelashes, but I am a newbie. Who makes the best false eyelashes? Magnets, or glue? (I've tried professional eyelash extensions but that's not what I am inquiring about today.) Best practices for applying them? If they're marketed as being wearable multiple times, tips to make them "last" as long as possible?

Anything else I should know?

Links to videos on how to apply them, and/or to places I can purchase certain brands are appreciated!
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I haven’t tried magnetic, but I most enjoy little flares- I find them easy to apply with tweezers after dipping them in glue.
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I tried magnetic lashes a few times and hated them, but YMMV. For me, they were incredibly challenging to get to stay on and then once on, they didn't look great. Like wearing stiff fans over my eyelids.

To be fair, I'm not very adept at putting on ANY kinds of lashes because my natural lashes seem to get in the way, but this video seems promising.
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Tati, who's one of the beauty influencer/guru dudes I watch on YouTube, really liked the Ardell Wispies in a recent video.
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Drugstore: Ardell Wispies are the best as far as I'm concerned. Kiss makes some nice "going out to a club" over the top ones. I've tried the Ardell magnetics twice now (once without the magnetic applicator, and one with, and they're crap no matter what I've tried).

High end: I think that Sephora's house brand makes some very nice reusable (like 10 uses) sets at a reasonable cost. Make Up For Ever has some really beautiful variations, but I don't know much about how they wear. I have a friend who swears by Lilly Lashes, which have a limited availability at Ulta
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As far as application, I tuck a mirror under my chin and look down which seems to help with the application. I learned how to put them on with a Jacyln Hill video a few years ago.
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If you want to reuse lashes, you'll need to carefully pull off the glue and store them in the case they came in so it holds that curved shape. If you are using mascara on your natural lashes to blend with the falsies, make sure you get all the mascara off before putting them away. Toss them when the glue can't be pulled away from the base without damaging the lash.

To apply, first I measure the length of the base and trim off any excess where it's too long for my eye. I start the lashes 1/4" or so in from the inner corner so they look more natural. Trim from the inner corner, not the outer one or you'll lose the lash shape.

Next I put a thin bead of glue along the base of the lash, making sure to get a larger drop on the ends. Let it dry for 30 sec. This is important, as fresh glue won't stick well. I apply from the middle and tap them down to each side, I think it's easier than starting from one side or the other. Then I squeeze them into my natural lash line so they are as close as possible.

When you remove them, do it slowly and gently so you don't pull out your natural lashes!

I like the little flares better than full sets, but it depends on the occasion :)
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Magnetic lashes looked terrible and the magnets were very very visible.

Have you tried getting lash extensions? I love them.
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I was not able to get the magnetic lashes to work - only a good idea in theory. I use synthetic with a wispy/jagged cut to the edges. The only way I could manage to keep false lashes on and have them appear natural is to cut each lash strip in half, apply glue to the edge of the lash itself, apply glue to the area above the eyelash with an older eyeliner applicator and then apply a half lash to the outer corner of each eye.
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I second everything ananci said, with one exception - I prefer trimming lashes at the outer corner, because when I trim at the inner corner, it loses some of the gradient from short to longer and can look more harsh. But of course it depends on the lash & on the look you're going for!
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