Makeup forums/communities?
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I already know of Makeup Alley and Temptalia, do you know of any others? I am looking for makeup/beauty focused community websites or apps. Not a blog with one person's view and people talk to each other in the comments, but communities where members have their own profiles and participate.
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Reddit has r/MakeupAddiction that is a very helpful, active community. They're mostly focused on everyday makeup but there's also a large contingent of FX work too.
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I only look at the subscription box spoilers, but has forums.
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If you're into Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents, is the best place to find reviews.
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Purseblog has a good makeup forum--very active and informative. Here are the forums--scroll way down to find the makeup discussions.
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r/MakeupAddiction is great! So is, if you're a little hardier, r/sugarfreemua. Lots of content, and regular threads.
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I love Reddit's r/MakeupAddiction (find me there same username!) but makeup can be really consuming especially with the loads and loads of new releases so I also enjoy r/MakeupRehab . If you are into drugstore makeup r/drugstoremua is great too. I see you are in the UK, you may want to check out r/MakeUpAddictionUK as the other Reddits can be a bit US product centric. And if you are into Korean/Japanese beauty products, r/AsianBeauty is super popular. And since you mention beauty as well, r/skincareaddiction is excellent to help prep the skin for all the make up tricks you are learning!

All of these Reddits are very active. Loads of content! Always start with the FAQs as they provide loads of great info too.

Have fun!
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Along the lines of r/MakeupAddiction. there's also r/AsianBeauty, which focuses on Asian beauty products, rather than being geared towards Asian people. (Warning: must be tolerant of lots of pictures of people in hilarious face masks.)
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SEconding Makeuprehab. I also enjoy the mostly text-based r/muacjdiscussion - I find MUA can often skew quite young and the advice isn't always relevant to me, though it's fun to browse through.

There's also a forum at Sali Hughes' website which is mainly UK ladies.
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There are tons on Facebook. One is called Glossible. Mostly makeup artists but some civilians as well.
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I do browse r/makeupaddiction some, but prefer r/muacjdiscussion for better discussion (and no FOTDs).
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Another great subreddit is /r/indiemakeupandmore . The focus is obviously on indie cosmetics so it skews a little more alt/fringey than /r/makeupaddiction. The bulk of the posts are eyeshadow and lipstick reviews and swatches, with a healthy dose of indie scents, but you'll find great posts about any and all indie cosmetics.
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Thanks, everyone! Can't really mark a best answer as my question was a bit vague, but super appreciate the different takes and resources!
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