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I do a lot of tasks that involve e-mailing someone, then if I don't hear back, e-mailing them again in a few days. I need an app that can help remind me to do that.

Yes, this is a lame, but it turns out really important part of my job. I'm looking for an app to connect to my google calendar that has tasks that I can basically check-off and then have them reappear on my calendar in two-three days. Maybe like a snooze button even? I'd like them to completely disappear though for a few days because there are so many of them that seeing them all will drive me bonkers. Suggestions?
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Is Gmail your email client? There's a snooze feature built into Gmail. You can snooze any email, even your sent email, and it will appear in your inbox for you take action on at a specified point in time.
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What do you use to email this person? Gmail? Gmail has a feature called Boomerang that does exactly this. It will detect when a sent message hasn't received a reply and pop it back into your inbox for you to decide whether to follow up on the email again. Really useful!
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Sorry, I thought Boomerang was built in but it looks like it's a Chrome plugin with an app for Android and maybe iOS:

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Hey! I do this for a living too. The solutions I have used involve the BCC field of my emails:
- Followupthen, free for some emails then ~$5/month
- Todoist Only the pro feature has this, I think, $36/year?

Both also have an .ics calendar you can subscribe to, for seeing what emails are scheduled.
In practice, I bcc "3days@followupthen.com" when emailing someone and the chain bounces back to me 3 days from now.

Gmail's snooze feature would work, but there is no easy one I've found using Outlook for work.
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A little fussy, but for Outlook, my workflow is to go to my sent items folder and manually right-click to set a reminder flag on the email I just sent, for when I want to be reminded to follow up. When the reminder notice later pops up, I can snooze further if necessary (or clear if I did receive a response).
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Boomerang also has a add on for outlook. I use this. It saves my life.
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How I do it:

1. Create a “Waiting” label.
2. Create a rule that says when I am bcc on an email, the waiting label is applied,
The email is marked as read and archived.
3. Bcc myself on all emails that require a reply.

Then, I have a list of everything that I need a response to. It is nice.
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And rereading your question, I realized I missed a couple of your requirements. My apologies. Hopefully what I wrote can be of some help.
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In Outlook, you can also set yourself a personal reminder when you compose the email - you don't have to go to your sent folder post-send to do that.
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If you're on a Mac, mailbutler has a plugin for OSX Mail that can snooze emails, hiding them from your inbox until the time you set to have them reappear. It works w/ Gmail also.
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ersatzkat!!! Did Outlook recently change that? I'm used to the flag option in composed email being a followup for the recipient - very pleased to see that there's an option to set yourself a personal flag.
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Outlook (365/2016) has both options: Flag for Me and Flag for Recipients You can check one or both boxes and set a reminder for either. It looks like the start and due dates are only available on your own flag.
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I <3 Followupthen. They're awesome.
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cdefgfeadgagfe ~ I suspect it’s been there a while ~ the pop up for reminders and follow ups is kind of poorly composed (oh, Microsoft…), so you really have to squint to understand it (at least I do, every stinking time).
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