What's a good magnetic case/cover/stand solution for the 9.7" iPad?
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Looking for a case for a 9.7" iPad (5th/6th gen size, not Pro): either (A) a combo of a non-slippery back cover that will work with the magnetic Apple Smart (front) Cover, or (B) a full case that covers the back + has a magnetic front cover that will turn the iPad on/off and also serve as a stand. Challenge: No Amazon.

I'm familiar with the front-only Apple Smart Cover already because I have one for an older work iPad, and as long as the magnet for the 9.7" iPad cover is still as good as the old ones, it should be be fine... but I still need something to make the back less slippery (and in this current weather, less cold). The newer iPad will only be used indoors, so there's no need for military spec protection unless that is the best case in this scenario.

- Back case should be non-slippery and somewhat flexible, rather than a hard plastic shell. The back does not have to be clear, although the buttons and ports should still be easily usable.

- Is compatible with the Apple Smart Cover (magnetic cover for just the screen side)
- is a complete case that covers the back and has a magnetic cover/flap that will engage the iPad on/off. The case should be strong enough, ideally, to prop up the ipad for use in landscape mode. Portrait mode stand not needed.

- Can be bought in the US (can be online). I'm trying to reduce my Amazon purchases, and also am avoiding ebay and Walmart.
- Won't fall apart in a year.
- Storage for an Apple Pencil is not required.
- Keyboard also not required, although if your favorite case has a keyboard or accommodates a keyboard, I'm curious what it is.

I suppose if the magnetic front covers aren't very good stands, I can always get a separate stand, but I'd really like to keep the magnetic cover regardless. This is going to be for my mother, who finds it much easier open the front cover for on/off, rather than having to find and press a side button.

I've seen the Wirecutter reviews for "Best Cheap iPad cases" but unless I'm missing something, all the options there have a hard plastic shell for the back case, and/or they're Amazon only.

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I have the Zagg Rugged Messenger. It’s detachable, with a bluetooth keyboard and the whole things clicks on/off via magnets, with a magnetic stand. I’ve only had it a few days but it seems very indestructible. I bought it in Australia so I can’t comment on the Amazon availability. Also not sure if it turns the device on/off on opening.

The back is slighty flexible and the stand can be arranged to support the iPad in landscape mode at different angles, which is handy. Given that a keyboard doesn’t seem to be your main priority it doesn’t exactly match your requirements but it definitely won’t fall apart in a year, this thing is made to last (I bought it for the brand new iPad to withstand young kids, so it better!).
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I have a Fintie case that fits your description.
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I'm completely in love with my Logic Slim Folio keyboard case. It's GREAT for use in, say, a reading-at-a-coffeeshop situation, and as a bonus you get an entirely functional keyboard.

I think I got mine at the Apple Store, but because it's Logitech I assume it's widely available. I paid about $100.
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