Danish drugstore goodies!
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I'll be visiting Copenhagen soon! Yay! When I go abroad I like to check out the local equivalent of Duane Reade or Walgreens and pick up skincare/haircare/makeup items that aren't (easily) available in the US. Are there any products that you recommend so I can arrive with a little list in hand?
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In this house we love the body and hair care products made by Urtekram. But of course I have no idea of what is and is not available in the US. So for all I know, you may be up to your knees in the stuff already. If you're not, though, be sure to keep an eye out for it. Great but subtle scents, natural ingredients.
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seconding Matas. here's a google map with the locations in central CPH.

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Spendier: Rudolph Care.

(Not the season for it, but grab some Euro sunscreen.)
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Matas has suncreen that's better and lasts longer than here. Buy some, and be prepared to cry when it runs out.
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Yes, Matas is your place. Also, "Normal" has things like Asian beauty masks, Babyfoot peel, etc. That store is a bit lower-end than Matas (it's like if you took the "travel size" aisle and made an entire store out of it.) Likely you will have seen all the brands somewhere else -- but you never know, there might be some bargain gem there.

Also seconding Magasin du Nord and Ilums (the department stores) as places to explore.
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