Reading list for trust/abandonment issues
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I have a patchy upbringing and relationships scare me! Please recommend some books that would help

Some dark things happened in my childhood and I am a bit neurotic so I am trying to work on my overreactions, but would like some reading materials to chew on and think about.

Any reccs / anecdotes / resources? Thank you
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I really liked The Courage to Trust: A Guide to Building Deep and Lasting Relationships by Cynthia Wall. A small but mighty book - don't let the length/size fool you: it's intense (but helpful).
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A close friend of mine has strongly recommended An Adult Child's Guide to What's Normal, which I haven't gotten around to reading myself yet but have flipped through a few times and seems to have a lot of good material.
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Since you specifically mentioned overreacting, I heartily recommend Stop Overreacting: Effective Strategies for Calming Your Emotions, by Judith Siegel. The author patiently and clearly explains what overreacting is, why it happens, the emotional root causes of overreacting, and how to redirect that nervous energy towards a more calm and productive response and result.
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My favorite book recommendation of all time is so relevant! Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment gives great insight into some of the anxiety and other problematic behavior we sometimes might have in relationships. It explained so much.
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This is a helpful book for childhood trauma but not abandonment/trust specifically: It Didn't Start With You.
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