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I often need to hook my laptop to the projector at work, and I need the laptop to continue displaying its screen (sometimes a website, sometimes a powerpoint) while the laptop is locked.

I work at a high school where the students are inquisitive. I set a password on the teacher's computer/laptop and then had to set it so it locks after 3 minutes, since if I step away from the media cart to work with a student one on one, another student will immediately attempt to use the computer to change the display. Basically, leaving it unlocked isn't an option. HOWEVER, when it's locked, the projector will display either the computer's screensaver or will just be black. Is there a way to make it so that the laptop is locked to input but the projector is still displaying whatever was on the screen?
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Some projectors will have a "freeze" button on the remote. Pressing that will freeze the current image, ignoring any changes to the input until the button is pressed again. If you freeze the projector display, then the computer can lock without affecting the projected image.
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I have a first-generation Chromecast device and on occasions when I've been playing video through it (via its ability to show a Chrome browser tab on the television it's attached to) and switched to a different Windows account, the video has continued playing. This would lead me to expect it would do the same when the computer is locked.
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You can use a "transparent screensaver" to continue displaying the screen while the computer is locked. I've used one in the past but can't remember which but from a google search these two look good:
- open source
- commercial
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Perhaps "kiosk mode" might be configured to do what you're looking for?
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