What's the song they're playing in this video?
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Video is of a string quartet busking right outside the Oculus in NYC. Seems to be a classical, post-Baroque piece, with a very recognizable crescendo at the end of the movement/section(?). Link here!
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It sounds very familiar because it used to be the de Beers "Diamonds Are Forever" ad. It's a modern composer, Karl Jenkins. (You can kind of tell because it's so We Are Having Serious Dramatic Classical Music Now...)
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+1 Karl Jenkins: Palladio
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Ahaha I was pretty well off the mark. Thanks!!
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I don't know that you were off the mark, it could hardly be more neoclassical. Just looked up the meaning of the title (again! I keep forgetting it. Middle age...)

Andrea (anˈdrɛːa). 1508–80, Italian architect who revived and developed classical architecture, esp the ancient Roman ideals of symmetrical planning and harmonic proportions. His treatise Four Books on Architecture (1570) and his designs for villas and palaces profoundly influenced 18th-century domestic architecture in England and the US...

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Love me some Karl Jenkins.
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