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We are going to Vegas to see a particular concert over the weekend. We might do some slots but don't plan on gambling much. We will go out to eat. We might go dancing. We will likely tack on some other shows. I don't enjoy Vegas-y drunken crowds. Where should we stay?
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We liked the Aria; didn't experience the drunken horde that the MGM Grand often has but it was definitely pricier.
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what's your budget? drunken crowds in Vegas are inversely proportional to hotel cost.
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Economy options: It's just off-strip but I stayed at the Alexis Park last weekend (going to a concert at the Hard Rock, which is literally across the street but I ended up driving because they put me at the back of the property, and there's no light/crosswalk directly between the two so I was going to end up walking like a mile and a half in open-toed shoes and no jacket in 50-degree weather and I'm from Los Angeles, I could die of exposure) and it is cheap and quite nice. At least there at the back of the property, it was so quiet I'm really glad I had my white noise machine; I could hear every footstep and tire crackle that went past otherwise.

There's a place next to it called Serene that had equally good prices and reviews, and if I was going back I might stay there because it's an extremely easy walk from there to the shopping center next door that has a ramen place (I liked it, open late), a poutine place, a liquor store, a Checkers in a 7-11, a taco shop, Subway, and a dispensary that is lit up like the sun with 20 sales assistants waiting inside plus delivery cars zipping constantly back and forth to the Strip.
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I will note that an upside to the Alexis Park is that the rooms open out to the parking lot, motel-style, which means you can get your Taxi/Lyft/Grubhub/Postmates/weed to come right to the door instead of having to travel to/from the lobby. That was also a bonus to me since I was driving and I bring my entire life with me even if I'm just going away for two nights, so I didn't have to do the Luggage Cart Parade with all my shit.
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I literally just checked out of the Vdara. Upsides -- no casino, dogs allowed, robots will deliver snacks to your room. Downsides -- not particularly walkable (very close to the strip but not technically on it). The drunkenness was very business-friendly drunkenness, for the most part.
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The Westin is where I've stayed when in Vegas for work. It's low-key and pretty inexpensive for a business hotel. Despite being less than a 10 minute walk from the strip (and close to the monorail), I think the non-party atmosphere of the Westin keeps away the drunken crowds. If you're going this weekend it looks like you can get a room for less than $100/night on their website.
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to add to chesty's post, there is a very easily accessible monorail stop not far from vdara, which will easily get you down to the strip and environs. i thoroughly enjoyed staying there, as it's more geared toward spa and relaxation people. the aria next door has a casino, and there are good/trendy places to eat in the cosmopolitan, which is also a close walk from the vdara.
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FYI the rodeo is in town. probably a busy weekend in vegas. any hotels like Vdara or Aria, you are probably away from the crowd that goes to the NFR. Nugget, MGM, Mirage, Treasure Island and others will have concerts at night and some like Gilley's at treasure island and i think the mirage will have after parties.

not that cowboys aren't lots of fun, but that may not be your thing!
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I liked the Mandarin Oriental which just turned into a Waldorf Astoria. It's $$$ but has a nice pool and it's very quiet because there's no casino
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If you want a suite with some room for doing entertaining without having to deal with strangers, Tuscany Suites is just off the strip and you can mostly avoid the casino part. I've only been there when it's mostly taken over by a conference so someone with more standard experience might have an opinion.

Aria is nice but pricey and you have to go through the gambling floor to get most places.
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My information may be out of date, but I stayed at the aria in 2011 and the bathrooms were incredibly echoey - there was a hot tub but it was hard to talk in it.
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The Mandarin a couple years ago had no crowds, period. It was an oasis to come back to. Might be a bit too quiet for some, but we loved it. I swear the staff is elves, they were incredible.
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My wife stayed at the Las Vegas Marriott and enjoyed the fact that it was a good, middle-of-the-road hotel, right in the middle of everything, and it didn't have a casino.
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I was going to recommend the Vdara, if you want to be "on strip" (for values of "on strip" that include a fair bit of walking, however). It's a bit of an odd duck in that it has a spa instead of a casino in the hotel. And in addition to what others have noted, it's entirely non-smoking. I think that cuts down on the drunk people just sitting around.

Anyway, it felt like a very upscale conference center hotel.
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We love staying at Green Valley Ranch. Not far from the strip and the property is gorgeous!
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