Betta food for my betta fish?
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My new siamese fighting fish doesn't seem to be hungry. Pellets or flakes - which are better?

I brought my new betta fish home yesterday and fed him for the first time this morning. I went with the flakes and he didn't seem to eat anything. My last betta fish liked the pellets. Which are better?

Any other betta fish advice?
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I no longer have a betta, but when I did, they LOVED frozen brine shrimp.
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I had one and he went crazy for freeze-dried bloodworms.
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The first day they might not be too hungry while they adjust to their new environment. All bettas I've ever had have loved the little pellets.

Btw, Sushi II is a very handsome lil guy!
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Mine love the brine shrimp from these guys.

It is available at Petsmart.
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My beta only ate bloodworms, very difficult with anything else.
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Bloodworms here as well. Wouldn't touch the pellets.
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I've had my betta for a couple of years and have only ever fed him pellets. He eats them just fine.
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For other advice, keep mirrors away from (and out of) the fish tank. It will fight its reflection to its death.
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We used to have a betta, and it didn't need to eat that much, or that often. We fed it specific betta pellets every couple of days, and it seemed happy enough.
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Tons of Betta advice here, including food tips.
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I've had several bettas, and have flakes, dried shrimp, blood worms, and pellet food. My bettas usually last 2 years.

If you just brought him home, it'll take him a while to adjust. Bettas can go for more about a week without food so don't worry about it.

Bettas hate flakes. It's baby food.

Pellets are a good staple. Make that their main diet.

Bettas like blood worms. Feed them to him once in a while.

They also like dried shrimp. Once in a while too.

Most importantly, make sure your tap water has something added to make it safe for fish.

Enjoy your new betta.
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My betta didn't seem that hungry either until I got a light for his bowl. I think he was cold. Once I installed the light, he was happy as could be, and devoured his food (flakes with little worms) immediately.
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Fighting fish don't like dried food. I used to feed mine frozen - not freeze dried, just frozen - bloodworms. He lived to the age of 5 years.
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Am I the only one who almost read that as "My new siamese fighting fish is unstoppable?
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