How to reconcile two lists in Excel?
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I have two long lists that I need to manually reconcile. The lists contain many of the same items, but List B has lots of inconsistency in formatting. I need to rename the second list to have the standard names from List A. Also, each list has some items that are not in the other list, and one is about twice as long as the other.

I'm looking for a way to spread them out, putting items with similar names side-by-side, to make the manual work quicker. I imagine the most straightforward way to define "similar" is alphabetical order. Example:

List A:
Apple Granny Smith
Apple Yellow Delicious

List B:

Matched (two columns):
Apple Granny Smith, Apple-GrannySmith
Apple Yellow Delicious, [blank]
Banana, Banana-yellow
[blank], Watermelon
Pear, Pear-
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Excel isn't the greatest tool for this, but you could make some headway by creating new columns next to your lists that have more uniform versions of the entries. Here's an example formula that will remove dashes and spaces and convert all letters to uppercase:
Then you use the MATCH() function to look up uniform versions of each entry in the opposing list. If nothing else, this would flag a lot of the matches.
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Or, depending on your data, and the nature of your variations you might be able to just check first n characters, using a formula like this instead:
Or you could combine this with the formula I gave above.
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Best answer: I would import the lists into OpenRefine and use the clustering function. It detects similar entries and can rename them to make everything consistent. You can then export back out to Excel.
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Best answer: Yes, this is a great use case for openRefine.
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Best answer: nthing OpenRefine
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If list B always has the hyphen in between, you could try text to columns, and use the hyphen as a delimiter. Then you'd get a List C that was just the items after the - in List B.

You could use CONCAT to combine A and B then, though I'm not sure that's what you're going for?
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This isn't quite a direct answer, but I had a somewhat similar Excel challenge that I just could not figure out, and I ended up hiring someone on Fiverr to assist me. Not only did that get me out of the fire for what I needed in the immediate sense, but I also now have the Excel formulae that I need to adapt it for future use. Just food for thought!
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Best answer: If you really want to stay in excel to do it, and you're on windows, the fuzzy lookup add-in (it's from microsoft, not a random thing) should be just what you need.
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Response by poster: I ended up using this tool with OpenRefine. Lots of trial and error!
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