I want a new gmail email address. Can you help me?
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My current gmail email address is a pain to use. It was a google suggestion when I opened my gmail account many years ago and I accepted it. I wish I hadn't because giving it to people verbally is difficult. I'm ready for a new email address.

However I get confused when I "google" how to do this. Perhaps it's because the name is used as an account identifier as well as an address.

To add complexity, my financial advisor suggested I use a different email address for financial business than I do for other emails.

If you are familiar with this process, please explain it to me like I'm new to the world of Google and email. Thank you!
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In gmail, on the top right, is your icon. Click it, choose Add Account, and create a new account from there. You can add a third one for financial transactions, as well.
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You need to create a new account. I am not sure if you are thinking you can keep your current google account and just change the email address, but the answer to that is no, you can't. I personally have 4 google accounts and it is not too difficult to switch between them. Use a different password for each one.
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Do what DarlingBri said above. Just be aware that you can't have more than one account window open at the same time using the same browser. So if you want to have your accounts open simultaneously - say you like to keep your personal email and your financial docs in a different google account open all day - then use a different browser to access them. Like I usually use Safari, but use chrome to access my business gmail so I don't need to log out of one to use the other.
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If you don't ever need to use the old email (but still want to read anything sent to it), you can create a new email and forward the old to it. You won't miss what anyone sends to the old one then and no messy account switching on the regular.

The tab you want is the little gear top right, Settings --> Forwarding --> Add a Forwarding Address (top thing in the menu). Hope that helps!
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If you want all the emails that come to your new address accessible on the same screen as saved emails to your old account, you can use email forwarding. Have Gmail forward emails to the new address to your old address. Or if you want to start fresh with a new inbox but not have to check your old inbox for email from people who are still using your old address, have emails from the old address forwarded to the new one.
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Yes, as said above.

--> create new gmail account
--> in original gmail account, set up those emails to forward to new account
--> if you want, set up financial email as well, also forward those to new account.

In Gmail, there is also a "send email as" feature, so you can reply from one account as either of the other two accounts. This makes it easy to use one "master" gmail account and then have a few different other email addresses for finances, etc.
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fingersandtoes - at least in Chrome this is solved, I have two open in different tabs right now.
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fingersandtoes - it's solved in Firefox too. I keep two accounts open in different tabs all day.
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The best answer goes in a different direction. Get your own domain name, then choose an easy to use username to go with it. If you choose details.net, the username "sailboat" gives an easy "sailboat@details.net." You can then forward those emails to your Gmail account.
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I actually have 5 different accounts open in Chrome right now. Other than the fact that it does slow down Chrome to do so, you can have multiple accounts open at once.

You can also import the emails from the old account to the new one using imap.

If I were you, and I am not, in your case, I would actually open the new accounts, forward them to the old account and set up the old account to send mail as (as noted above). This way all your emails will be in the same place and you can appear to be 3 different emails from the same email. Never have to give out the email address you are aggregating them all in.
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