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I was a DVD author for 12 years, a practice very similar to workflow building, which is what I've been doing for the past few years: you discuss requirements with the client, map out the process, do the programming, test extensively, deploy. Do these two job types fall under a single umbrella/ discipline/ category, and are there other similar job types I'm unaware of that I could/ should be applying for?

As I sit here updating my resume, it's clear to me how these two jobs are so similar - essentially they both draw on me being a one stop shop for customer communication, process mapping, basic programming skills (i.e. able to understand the language of a DVD or workflow package despite not having formal knowledge of programming languages), extensive testing, deployment - but I'm struggling with how to present this so that it's clear to the reader that I've been able to transfer/ build upon the DVD skills, as opposed to them dying with the format. I'm also wondering - having essentially stumbled across workflow building - if there are other areas I can repackage my skills for, or perhaps if the addition of a few more skills could move me in an interesting direction.

What I like in particular about this type of work is the variety of skills involved - i.e. if my job was just one of the above steps, I'd go crazy: it keeps me engaged when I can move between communication, design, programming, testing and deployment.
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This sounds like it could be product management.
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Yeah, or a (technical) program manager. I would look at, say, this quora question and the related ones and see if the description rings any bells.
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If you want to stay in production, post supervision is a possibility.
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Agree that you should call yourself a product manager to match modern titles found in agile environments. But you could just as easily map to a business analyst.
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