Letter from ICE addressed to my apartment (not to me)
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I received a letter from ICE “Enforcement & Removal Operation” addressed to someone I don’t know at my new apartment. (I just moved.) I have not opened it because it’s not addressed to me.

I’ve contacted previous tenants that I have numbers for, but haven’t heard back yet (and also it’s Thanksgiving). I tried googling the name, but nothing turned up. The spelling is not clear — the addressee and addesss are weirdly hand-written, in definitely older than 65-yr-old handwriting — and anyway, I’m not sure they’d be easily googleable.

What...what do I do?

I didn’t check the mailbox for over a week — it was postmarked November 18th. I’d like this person to get what they need. The letter wasn’t misdelivered; ICE just appears to have an incorrect address for this person. (Or whatever.)
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do what you'd do with any incorrect mail. write NOT AT THIS ADDRESS on it and put it in your outgoing mail.
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Response by poster: Wait one of the previous tenants just got back to me, literally minutes after I posted this. So. That is...solved.

Thank you though :)
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I was just about to comment saying the letter smells like it could be a scam. If you ever hear back from the recipient re whether this was or wasn't a scam, could you please update this thread so people are aware?
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Ya, I'd vote scam too.
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Don’t give address info to ICE or scammers posing as ICE imo
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Response by poster: Oh yeah I’m not responding to the letter or contacting ICE in any way whatsoever. But I’ll definitely tell the guy it might be a scam.

For internet sleuth purposes the return address appears to be the genuine address of the ICE Enforcement and Removal field office for upstate New York. I am in NYC, which has a different field office. But if this guy is a student who went to school upstate...idk.

I’m very hopeful it’s a scam.
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Regardless of where he went to school, you're outside that jurisdiction and ICE has a printer. My vote is scam.
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It might worth taking a moment to read the ACLU's Know Your Rights: What To Do If Immigration Agents (ICE) Are At Your Door in case the letter is legit and ICE does eventually turn up looking for a previous tenant. There's a distinction between warrants signed by judges and administrative warrants that's worth knowing.
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If the previous tenant was a visible minority, my bet is low-grade fash. They’ve been doing that a bit up here to freak people out and get them to run.
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Government agencies do not hand-write addresses on envelopes! This looks like a racist scam. I would even think twice about forwarding it to its intended target/victim.
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Response by poster: Too late, I already handed it off. But I did warn him about the scam possibility.

I really wouldn't be comfortable making that decision for him.
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Government agencies most certainly do hand write addresses on envelopes. As part of my work I receive letters from US Customs and Border Protection on a daily basis and many have hand written addresses.
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I'm curious why there would be any handwriting on a letter from the government, rather than a printed label, or the printed to-address on the enclosed letter showing through an envelope window. That right there sounds very shady.

My husband is a GC holder and every piece of correspondence I have from the government was typed. I did once get someone else's letter (alphabetically next in line) included in my envelope behind my letter, and I mailed that letter on to them (and received a thank you card back a while later). But it was abundantly clear in that case that this was official government mail.

Handwriting on the envelope just says scam to me.
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