ISO this very specific earring
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I have 3 of this earring, and I want to find a place to buy more pairs of it. I got it in Forever 21 in 2010. The main part of the star is plastic faceted like a gem. There's metal on the back that makes it reflect like and look all sparkly.

I have two that are white and one that's champagne colored. I'm crafty so if I found the same piece not attached to an earring hook I could make it into an earring. Or if I can somehow DIY it by resin casting or something like that, I'd do that too.
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The hole goes more invisibly through rather than piercing it, but the reflectivity and angles suggest diy with Swarovski beads would make a slightly better quality version. Stars here, for one seller.
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Seconding cobaltnine that this would be an easy DIY if you find the right beads. In case it helps with search, a fancy-shaped bead with a back-to-front hole is often called a "drop" if small and a "pendant" if slightly larger, and the sparkly effect is from being "foil backed." For instance, here are some foil-back crystal starfish drops from Fire Mountain. A drop-style star is going to be easier to attach with a single large jump ring, as in the earrings you already have, but the side-to-side hole would also be doable with a bit of wire wrapping-- just might be a slightly different look.

If you're buying online, definitely be careful to measure the size you want in millimetres, and check the foil-backed thing carefully if that's important to you: the pictures often make crystals look mirror-sparkly when they're only actually cut-glass-sparkly.
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These are Swarovski, but they're foil-backed according to one reviewer.
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Thanks for the suggestions to look for beads. I have access to a lot of bead stores, so it definitely is a feasible DIY. I'm excited to go look!
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