Share with me the cooking videos of your people
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My kitchen is currently under construction and as some sort of demented coping mechanism, I am watching copious amounts of cooking videos on YouTube. Specifically right now Chinese cooking videos. I would like to branch out.

By "Chinese cooking videos" I mean mostly amateur videos made in China, in Chinese, for other Chinese people.

I'm really interested in videos from other countries and cultures along similar lines. Not "If you're living in Kansas here's how you can approximate [dish] with what you probably have available" but "Hi, I live in Pune, watch me make toor dal for my family." English speaking or English subtitles not at all necessary. I'm happy to just watch and try to pick up what I can. (Some of my favorite Chinese channels don't have much talking at all, it's mainly just watching someone in their home kitchen preparing a dish.)

I'm vegetarian, which usually doesn't matter because many cuisines have plenty of vegetarian/vegetable-heavy food, or I can learn the techniques and apply them to veg food, but maybe not, like, the German Schnitzel Channel.

So, within those parameters, what's good on global cooking YouTube?
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I assume you know Jun and his cats?
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Check out Depression Cooking with Clara, starring a very old Italian American lady, now deceased. They are a lot of fun.
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My favorites:
Hot Thai Kitchen/Pai's Kitchen
Seonkyong Longest
Alex French Guy Cooking
Headbanger's Kitchen
Instapottin' with Poonam
My Virgin Kitchen
Jun's Kitchen
Tabi Eats (not all videos are cooking)
The Easy Vegan
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Two words:

Justin Wilson

He was literally on the same level as Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers as I grew up because he was on PBS with a similar amount of regularity and with a similarly identifiable set of mannerisms and behaviors.

I garontee.
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The Village Food Factory YouTube channel sounds like it fits.
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I deeply love Manjula’s Kitchen.

Also, Pasta Grannies.
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How about celeriac schnitzel from Austria.

And i love watching Patrick Müller
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I was going to suggest the Village Food factory, but it was already done.

So I will add Vah Chef.

This guys recipes are always on point and turn out really good. Plus a LOT of his stuff is vegetarian so it will give you fodder when your kitchen is finished!
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This one is a personal fave
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