Track played yesterday on npr- now desperately seeking...
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I must have badly mangled the information I thought I heard on NY npr yesterday when someone - I had the impression it was a regular music host - was raving about this debut artist and his brilliant track. It was played once & it was magnificent - a solo male singer, the song was about begging a child not to grow up too fast? Does this ring any bells?
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Best answer: This segment I think Jacob Banks "Slow Up"
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Response by poster: Bingo. Thank you thank you thank you wowenthusiast.
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For future reference, I've emailed my local NPR station several times to get ids on songs they played, sometimes just the little interstitial clips between segments even. They are really good about getting back to you with the info quickly, even with really vague and unhelpful descriptions of what and when I heard.
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What a great song! Thanks so much for asking your question Jody Tresidder !
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Ooh, great voice! Thank you.
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