How can I watch election tv results streaming on the internet?
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We don’t have a TV but would like to watch live U.S. coverage tomorrow night. Is there a streaming option for PBS, or any major broadcaster?
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Best answer: Yes, PBS will be streaming all night. More info here.
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Best answer: The Washington Post will be streaming live coverage on Twitch starting 7PM EST.
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Best answer: Another good option is CSPAN.
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Best answer: If you're comfortable watching 'unofficial' streams, pretty much all stations election coverage will be available live on YouTube. Just type in the network name and then filter the search by Live. It's how this Australian gets his US election day fix.
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Best answer: The Crooked Media/Pod Saves America crew will be live streaming tonight as well on YouTube.
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Response by poster: I wound up watching YouTube after all — first C Span and then Crooked Media. It was great. Thanks for pointing me there!
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