Zozo suit Halloween ideas
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So I got the zozo suit (and am currently wearing the jeans! Thanks metafilter!), and my SO thought it would make an easy Halloween costume. The question is, what should I be?

Basically that's it. One thought was painting my face green and being CGI Hulk or something... but I'm sure the brilliant people of metafilter can come up with better ideas!

Ideally it wouldn't require too much further modifications/additions, but don't let that hold you back from suggesting something!
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Best answer: Yayoi Kusama art?
posted by tapir-whorf at 10:27 AM on October 27, 2018 [1 favorite]

The dots immediately made me think of Roy Lichtenstein-style makeup.
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Pac-Man? Stick on some ghosts and maybe a couple pieces of fruit.
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Paint your face black (bear with me), paint your nose white, wear floppy white ears, and be a reverse Dalmatian.
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Polka dot zentai outfit (you would cover your face too).

A domino.

A killer (is there any other kind?) clown. Like....ruffles at hands and feet, crazy wig, scary makeup, gloves.
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Side rail: our metachat thread just timed out as the clothes are arriving, please make a new one to tell me all about the jeans!
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it looks like a motion capture outfit for doing special fx in movies, you can get a friend to go as a green screen...
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I am wearing my Zozo suit tonight, with a green cape. I will be the MOCAP, the Motion Capture superhero. (Will be hanging out on Church St in Toronto this evening along with all of the rest of the freaks, geeks, and drag queens. Should be a hell of a time.)
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