Halloween costumes with LEDs?
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I've recently gotten into sewing, and I really want to sew a Halloween costume this year with LED lights! But the only think I've thought of so far is a jellyfish. I'll do that if I can't think of anything else... but I thought I'd ask for some suggestions. I would prefer to be an object, animal, place or concept over a person. Any ideas?
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Many led light strings have the ability to flash in an overall pattern - Northern Lights. Could be stunning.
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A galaxy.
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You could go as an iconic skyscraper or building that lights up at night - Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Space Needle.
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I'm imagining a walking canvas cloak of Starry Night--which unfolds as you spread your arms straight out from your sides. Or a walking stained glass window, lit from within?
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Halloween 1977 I was a Jawa with LED eyes.
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A unicorn with light up hooves and horn.

Or any number of hideous, amazing deep-sea things light up. Be an angler fish! Or a devils octopus.
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A jellyfish would really be lovely.
I know you said no people but the light-up cowboy costume from The Electric Horseman would be awesome.
A character from Tron.
A Christmas tree.
The lamp from A Christmas Story (or any lamp, actually).
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A Broadway or movie marquee. Something like Now Playing: Close Encounters of the Third Kind , with lights as part of the "Now Playing" frame and as part of the poster itself.
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Jellyfish for sure! I did one for Halloween and wish I knew how to sew LED lights in. I had a clear umbrella and hung some strips of bubble wrap on the inside. I think it would look great with LED lights tho!
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A jar of fireflies!
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A thundercloud.
A constellation or group of constellations (Orion? The Big Dipper? Your astrological sign? A grouping of several constellations? The Milky Way?).
An iconic building, like the Empire State Building or the CN tower.
One or more of the aliens from Space Invaders (especially if you have programmable LEDs that could be animated).
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A Cylon
A bridge station from the USS Enterprise
A (wakka wakka wakka) Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man gameboard
A giant LED
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Tinker bell!
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A roadside warning sign:

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a couple years back I attached leds to a black velvet dress in the right arrangement and went as the constellation Orion.
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The Times Square New Year's Eve Ball.
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How about an LED stick figure?

This could be you!
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I’ve done the LED stick figure mentioned above and it got rave reviews. I also made a firefly costume that was really fun!
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