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I drive a lot (all in NZ's South Island) servicing my jobs and doing sales. I'm normally alone so have a spare seat and room for a backpack. There's no service to connect hitchers and drivers here so I'm thinking of setting up something for myself (maybe it will expand but right now I'm just thinking about me).

How should I go about this? Private facebook group and how do I do that? or something else?

If folk want to offer $ for gas that would be nice, but conversation is fine too.

I pick up quite a few hitchers (they're almost entirely millenials, including about 30% tourists - I would prefer more tourists as the average kiwi hitcher has issues) and would give more lifts if I could pre-arrange/pre-screen people (and likewise they me) - the side of the road is a hit-and-miss affair - the last one I picked up txted the whole way; I've always seen conversation as payment.

At the moment my screening consists of a slow drive-by and stop 50metres up the road to watch body-language, gait and other cues. I've only driven off again twice when I saw something that tweaked my antennae.

Also is there more I should be asking here?
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If you set this up as a service then it could well affect your driving insurance.
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Any issues with your employer, or are you self-employed? I know employed truckies are (at least in many instances) forbidden to pick up hitchhikers.
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Best answer: It's the old-school way of doing it, but most backpacker places should have a noticeboard where you could put up a flyer with destination & time details and contact info.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the insurance thing azara - if there's a final impediment to anything it's usually insurance - will have to check it out.

I'm self-employed.

Thanks quinndexter, yes I may have to go old-school and be less formal about it.
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I don't know how active it is in NZ but has a "travellers" section; it has the profile/vetting community you are seeking.
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