Can I eat tumeric the day before a colonoscopy?
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My colonoscopy prep diet says i can have a small amount of poached chicken for lunch the day before the procedure. I am poaching chicken, but on total autopilot, i dumped some fish sauce and tumeric into the poaching liquid. Fish sauce is clear, but tumeric can stain. Can i eat the chicken or do i need to head to the supermarket and buy another chicken breast?
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You have to ask your medical provider this question. We don’t know what they’re looking for.
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I have both undergone a colonoscopy and bought a chicken breast from the supermarket. If I had to do one of the two a second time because turmeric caused staining, I would probably choose buying a new chicken breast.
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Ask your doctor. I have never seen a colonoscopy prep that permitted chicken (lucky you!)
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Your medical provider should be able to provide you with a complete list of what you can and can't eat.

You shouldn't go by intuition or common sense because definition of "clear liquids" doesn't follow common sense. For example, black coffee is usually included in a clear liquid diet.
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It’s generally red and purple dyes that are of concern. But I still think you need to ask your doctor.
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If you don’t want to call the office, I would err on the side of caution, get a new chicken breast, and just save that chicken breast to eat after the procedure. But, just in case you already ate it, or if you decide to just sort of... rinse it off, I was told my prep wasn’t 100% successful (although it certainly felt otherwise and I followed instructions!) and they just said “we’ll make a note to do it different next time”. So it may not be a complete pass/fail situation- I didn’t have to immediately redo it!
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Weird. Speaking as someone recently scoped, I'm surprised they're allowing you any solids the day before. If I were you, unless it's medically necessary that you eat a chicken breast, I'd forego it entirely, turmeric or no. Buy a few cans of good chicken broth at the store and eat that instead. Fluids are filling, and the fewer solids your digestive tract has to cope with in the next 24 hours, the happier you'll ultimately be.
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No turmeric. It's a powerful die, they want things clear. I don't think they should even be telling you to eat solids.
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get some new chicken for sure but also i'm definitely agreeing with everyone above that your life will be horrible enough in the next 24h without having to worry about 01) maybe redoing the test or 02) passing solids.
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Save that poached chicken for after the colonoscopy, my friend. You will be ravenous, if my experience is anything to go by.
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I wouldn't eat the chicken breast with or without turmeric.

If you're hungry, you can cheat your hunger by eating jelly or clear soup (which I guess you know already). Fluids are your friend.


Signed, endoscopist (but not yours).
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You absolutely need to not eat the turmeric chicken. Signed, recent colonoscopy patient.
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