autumnal orzo
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I want to make some kind of appropriately fall-ish pasta dish with orzo and some/most of the other ingredients listed inside. Help me out!

I was inspired by seeing sweet potato orzo in my grocery store's bulk section and wanted to make some kind of fall-flavored orzo dish for lunches this week, preferably with some protein. I then noticed the sweet potato orzo was $10.99/lb and decided to stick with regular orzo, but nonetheless want to proceed with the dish. I have:
-orzo (regular)
-a small-ish butternut squash
-two bags of frozen chopped kale
-a handful of crimini mushrooms
-a bag of Brussels sprouts
-firm tofu
-a package of Tofurkey-brand "oven-roasted chick'n" (bought on impulse, never tried it before)
-boxed chicken stock
-boxed miso broth (Costco)
-white miso paste
-parmesan cheese
-fontina cheese
-a fairly well-stocked pantry - onions, garlic, ginger, standard dried herbs, etc.

I own a slow cooker, an Instant Pot, baking sheets, an occasionally capable oven. I'm fairly good at winging it without a recipe. Obviously I don't expect to use all of these ingredients, but I'm hoping to involve a decent number of them. Any and all ideas appreciated! Thanks!
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This is really simple but I would:

-Cook the orzo (in chicken broth since you have it)
-Cube and roast the butternut squash with olive oil
-Halve and roast the Brussels sprouts with olive oil (can go in with the squash but you might need to pull them out earlier)
-Sauté onions, garlic, mushrooms, and some kale (onions and garlic first, then add mushrooms, then kale)
-Combine everything
-Add Parmesan on top, plus salt, pepper, and maybe some dried sage to taste

I’m not great with tofu so I’d probably skip it but I think theoretically you could press it and crisp it up with some brown butter and sage. Or try the chick’n and see if the flavors would work here.

Alternatively you could get some inspiration from Smitten Kitchen’s fall-toush salad.
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I've had luck using the grocery store recipes for their own prepared foods. My local market (PCC) has a recipe for Autumn Orzo which might help guide you.
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I make a lot of risottos with orzo rather than rice and the ingredients you have there would be perfect.
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I make this simple orzo pasta all the time with a variety of proteins and veggies and it always comes out great. It’s a good base recipe. I usually sauté the protein and hearty veggies first, then add the pasta and broth and add the leafy veggies at the end with the parm.
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I like this orzo, you could substitute here and there and end up with something pretty delicious. I'd probably fry the kale separately rather than try to wilt it in the pan.
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Your question gives me some new ideas about some stuff I have in my kitchen, so thanks for that! What I'd do:

Cut the squash into cubes and the sprouts into halves. Toss together with salt, pepper and olive oil, roast at 450. Cook the orzo in the chicken broth. Sautee onion and garlic. Toss the cooked onions and garlic with orzo and parmesan, then add the other veggies, then top with more parm.
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