Blu Ray Storage for backup purposes?
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Ok. So I ripped all my DVDs and Blu-Rays to a hard drive, set up a backup, then attached to plex. What shall I do with all these troublesome discs?

What is the affordable solution for ultra-compact disc storage, with the idea that I would only ever retrieve them if the HD and backup failed? So hopefully never.
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You could toss (recycle?) the boxes, buy a wooden dowel, and stack the discs away in a cool dark place. If you want, you can add paper separators which stick out and would help you hunt for something, say, alphabetically.

If you can locate some empty CD-spindles that once held 100 CDs, you've got a purpose-built case for them.
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I did something similar: all of my DVDs I took out of their cases and put them in these nice looking DVD binders. Blurays I kept in their cases since they're pretty small.
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I've done similar - what I did was buy a bunch of the paper CD sleeves and stuff the discs in those and then file them in CD storage boxes. These hold 108 CDs in cases, but if you strip the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray media of its case, it'll hold a lot more. (They'll also be somewhat heavier, but not unmanageable.)
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I bought a load of these sleeves to put most of my CDs in, donating the empty plastic cases to my local library. They store the disc and the booklet nicely, and they do a DVD/Blu-ray version. There may well be better/cheaper versions, but this is what I used.
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DVD binders are what I use and recommend for this. I just plain don't have the space for the boxes they come in, so pretty much everything gets chucked into them whether I've backed them up or not.
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