I need to sleep at Oregon Health & Science University for a few hours.
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In the early morning I have a appointment with the oral surgery people. At pretty much the end of the day I have to see a radiologist. So lots of time to kill and there is no way I can stay awake between the two appointments. So I am looking for a couch or patch of grass to sleep on. Surely there is a place that won't care if I crash if I have appointments. I have never been to OHSU before but my appointments are near Sam Jackson Hall.
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I've been to that campus of OHSU whenever I was on Medicaid. I found it to be chill and laid-back. I don't think anyone would ever question you. I go to a dermatologist in the "Center of Health and Healing." Maybe that floor?

The waiting room would easily seat 100 people in chairs and loveseats/couches but I've never seen more than two other people there.

If someone tries to question you you can always say, "sleep apnea," "new baby," "long layover," "hours between appointments," "oral surgeons are so boring they instantly put me to sleep." It's not like they're going to give you a ticket.
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I don't know anything about that campus but, as a college librarian, I know that campus libraries are used to people napping on couches or comfortable chairs.
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The Center for Health and Healing is at the bottom of the hill, a tram ride from the campus where you’ll be. It’s a pretty ride, so if you’re up to it, ask for directions to the tram after your morning appointment. If you do go to CHH, tell the person at the info desk that you have an appointment on the hill before you head back up, they’ll give you a pass so you don’t have to pay. The downhill ride is free. If not, there are tons of waiting rooms with couches all over the main campus and grassy areas outside if it’s nice out. Nobody will mind you sleeping there, but know that it’s a busy campus, so try to find a spot away from a main corridor or walkway if you’re a light sleeper. Memail me if you have specific questions, I’m super familiar with the campus.
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There's a grassy area in front of Mac Hall where you could nap if the weather's good. There are benches there too, if the grass is too damp.

I've seen people napping (with pillows and blankets even) on the padded benches on the 9th floor of the main hospital. It's a busy area, but the benches are set back from the walkway.

On that same floor, you might be able to nap behind the fireplace in the reception area. I think they only have chairs there.

More chairs in the lobby near the tram. You can turn the chairs to face the windows for some privacy.
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BICC Library! It’s on the second floor of a building right next to the main hospital. Several big comfy chairs and it’s very quiet. I looove going there for a nap. Bonus, I am pretty sure there’s a section of computers specifically open to the public. If you don’t see a good spot on the library’s main floor check upstairs or downstairs.

Hard to nab but there is a cafe right next to the tram on the 9th floor of the hospital. The cafe has some cozy almost Adirondack chairs, but they’re popular.

If you need to lay out completely flat the School of Nursing has rows of bench seating right on the first floor. I don’t think it would be the comfiest, but you should be able to at least lay down for a bit.

Last thought, if you’re taking the tram up and coming from the waterfront there is this huge Collaborative Life Science building that looks kinda like a spaceship. Facing the water there are lots of comfy chairs and I think some couches. This area is fairly busy during the day and isn’t usually as quiet as the other areas.

I see people snoozing all the time around campus, so I doubt anyone will bother you.
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