Good CBD For Anxiety and Sleep
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I am looking for a good CBD as an alternative to Xanax and marijuana. Ideally something that won't show up on a drug test (low or no THC). Recommendations?
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I use CBD tincture from Hemp-Direct for anxiety. Never used it for sleep, but I can't imagine it wouldn't help. They just started shipping a CBD isolate tincture that they claim is 100% free of THC. They provide lab test results for every batch.
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Lazarus Naturals is well respected and THC free.
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I've had great experiences with Green Mountain.
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bunji, do you recommend the pill, oil or edible salve? Green Mountain sells all three.

(Sorry to thread jack.)
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OnTheLastCastle -- of course this is strictly a layman's advice, but with the sublingual oil, the dose can be customized and absorbed quickly and without sacrificing a percentage of the active ingredient to stomach acid. Also, the chocolate-mint flavor is lovely :)

Capsules are good for people who hope to address GI issues or don't like the taste. I haven't tried the salve.

Also, at least in my observation, CBD is more of a cumulative effect than a quick fix. Hope this helps!
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There was just a similar anonymous AskMe. Some of those answers may be helpful.
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