Automated retrieval of Journal title, given ISSN
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I've got a spreadsheet with a list of several thousand ISSNs. I'd like an automated way to retrieve titles for these ISSNs. Anybody got any bright ideas?

I don't have access to Ulrich's, but I do have Worldcat. Ideally, this could be done by uploading the list to a website, or running a macro withing the spreadsheet.
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Look at API documentation for Worldcat. I know that PubMed has an API that can do this for PMIDs. Knowledge of that API saves me a lot of time. All you have do to is append to the start of the identifier, and you are redirected to the journal website containing the resource, which (unfortunately) often needs to be purchased.
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Most journals are in crossref, and you can use their API really easily. To get journal information based on an ISSN, you just follow this pattern:[issn]


API Documentation
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There are some suggestions to a similar question about Calibre here that may help you automate this more easily.
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A few suggestions from having just looked into/done this: two reliable, and easy to use, data sources were

- SCOPUS -- example search
- The NLM Catalog -- example search
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Huge shout-out to Vert Canard for making this happen for me. He was able to take a spreadsheet of ISSNs and churn through them very rapidly. He's graciously refused any form of payment, so I'll be kicking some cash over to Cortex to fund Metafilter in his name. Thanks again, Vert!
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