Best available mini umbrella?
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I'm seeking the absolute best folds-to-purse-size umbrella money can buy.

So, our company's CEO borrowed my umbrella the other day without asking then left it in an Uber. I have given him a lot of shit about it, and really laid it on thick, so that end is well covered. But I do need to replace this umbrella.

The real tragic thing is my gone-forever umbrella was just the best. I've had it for years and years and it's always worked perfectly--really good automatic open/close action, wraps up to perfect slimness every time.

It was a "London Fog Women's Mini Automatic Open & Close Umbrella." I know this because I can see where I bought it on Amazon in September 2006. R.I.P. 12 year old perfect umbrella. Sadly, this umbrella model is no longer for sale, and hasn't been for years (which I know because I've tried to purchase this exact umbrella as a gift for many people in my life). There are other, similar but definitely not the same umbrellas by London Fog out there that have crap reviews.

SO, METAFILTER: do you have a perfect mini umbrella you would recommend?

Required specs:
-approx 10" long, folds up like a dream
-automatic open/close action
-opens to a good umbrella size, not some piddly ass might as well be wearing a sun hat size
-ideally available in a fun color or pattern

Price is not an obstacle (as long as it's conceivably a "normal" umbrella price, don't link me some Swarovski handled shit) because I'm sending the bill to my CEO.

Personal experience with a specific bomb-proof umbrella preferred.

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Totes makes the best umbrellas. If one breaks, they will replace it. A friend of a friend has a big box of umbrellas because they have called for replacements of a single item so many times. I believe it is a great investment and worth having. They make some that are small enough to carry in a purse. No umbrella will last forever, but theirs will, simply because you can get a replacement if the first one breaks.
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Wirecutter's recommendations.
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Knirps. I don't know if they're still as well made as the one my dad has had since the early 1970s. They aren't cheap at all.
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Our household has 3 Fulton umbrellas for a reason. I have and love this one. We have the larger version of this one which I am eyeing as my next small umbrella. (Unsurprisingly you collect a lot of umbrellas when you live in London) I am not sure how available they are in the US though :(
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ShedRain makes the WindPro line. I've had one as my primary umbrella for close to 25 years now. We just new ones to keep in the car, and they are still super well made.
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The Davek Mini is not automatic but is the smallest I have seen, it fits in my pocket and I love it. Also it has a lifetime warranty against breakage AND if you lose it they will sell you your next one for half price.
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I've been very happy with the Repel umbrella that Wirecutter recommends, and can confirm that their free replacement policy is great.
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I use a Fulton Superslim. I've never had one break. I've only had to get a new one because I lost mine. Super super light weight, and size is unbeatable.
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Oh my bad, I linked twice to the same umbrella. My first link should have been to the superslim, same as girlpublisher above.
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I love my Senz umbrella (available in the US at Amazon and, no doubt, elsewhere). What's great about them is that they're asymmetrical, with the back being considerably longer than the front in order to provide even coverage.
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I've fascinated by those Senz umbrellas ever since they published their wind tunnel test. But they look like they're so small. In practical use (especially on a non-windy day) do they offer comparable coverage to a traditional round umbrella?
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I don't find them any smaller than any other foldable umbrella I can EDC in my briefcase, and the rain protection is much better because the asymmetrical shape covers my back. It's 91 centimeters in width and depth. Meanwhile, if you prefer a very large stick umbrella, the largest one is 110 x 107 centimeters.
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This one is nigh-indestructible (they test them in wind tunnels). And they come with a five-year warranty.


US store:
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I have the Fulton Superslim 2 (not exactly this pattern - mine is blue stripes with a ring of pink blossoms) and it is absolutely fabulous. Auto open/close, reasonably sized when open, folds down to basically nothing.
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My brand new Fulton SuperSlim 2 umbrella arrived today and words alone could not prepare me for JUST HOW CUTE AND SVELTE it is irl.
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