Which Lydia Davis story collection should I read?
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I've never read Lydia Davis's short fiction. Does anyone have strong opinions about which collection to read first?
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I have only one, Break It Down, which I'd recommend just because it has "Break It Down" in it.
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Best answer: I have a copy of The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis on my bedside table. I'm working my way through it by picking stories at random based on how long they are and how much time I have to read. It's working for me.
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Yep, I periodically reread Collected Stories in the same way Del Chimney describes and it's great. "What I Feel" is one of my all-time favorite pieces of literature.
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She has enough great work that I think you'll get a wide variety of answers. My vote would be for Samuel Johnson Is Indignant.
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Best answer: Varieties of Disturbance is my absolute favorite collection of hers. It's later in her career and I think Davis just hits her stride there. Samuel Johnson is Indignant is also great.

I traded my copies of Break it Down and Varieties of Disturbance for a copy of Collected Stories. I am glad I own Collected Stories, but there is something about the thickness of it (700+ pages) that makes for a more cramped reading experience, and I notice I don't really pick it up as often as I did her other works. Might also be helpful to note that Collected Stories does not include anything from her most recent collection, Can’t and Won’t.
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Response by poster: i'm going to get Collected Stories AND Can't and Won't.
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