Vaginal discharge increases when pooping?
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Does your normal vaginal discharge (mucus, period blood) increase when pooping? Does it ever feel gurlgey or queefy?

I often get increased discharge when pooping, but I think I just had my first bearing-down-caused-me-to-queef moment. I've never queefed before. I get super scared about health stuff and now I'm halfway convinced I have a fistula despite being in none of the risk categories for it
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Since giving birth, yep. I also have bladder prolapse and wear a pessary which I think adds to it. If you haven't recently given birth or anything ask your doc - could be any number of things YMMV & iamyd and all. But yeah there's many different kinds of prolapse which can be caused by physical activity or age and are often treatable with a little physical therapy and may be causing that kind of weirdness (which I definitely recognise).

(My prolapse was caused by giving birth to a 9lb baby in 3 hrs on pitocin. I also had 2nd degree tearing fwiw... I would be shocked if you had a fistula.)
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Yes, with the caveat I have an enlarged uterus due to adenomyosis. If I recall my amateur research correctly, similar prostaglandins regulate contractions of both the uterus and the GI tract...
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My understanding is that it's normal for your pooping efforts to also push out more of your discharge. For instance, when monitoring discharges for the purposes of monitoring fertility, it's supposed to be easier right after pooping.

So IANAD YMMV etc, but not necessarily something to freak out about.
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Re the queef, with the increased pressure around the area, it's pretty common in my experience.
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Yes. Bearing down like that is enough to push a baby out of you. It is certainly enough pressure to squish out discharge/air that happens to be hanging around.
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Yes, this happened to me both before I gave birth and also after. Pushing out a bowel movement uses your pelvic floor muscles, and that's all connected to your vaginal area too. Pushing out a baby uses the same muscles. But if you are concerned, definitely talk with your doctor, and they can put you at ease.
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Not to be gross, but haven't you ever noticed when working through some constipation that you pee a little without really trying to? Different canal, of course, but they're all in the same area and getting squeezed together.
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Oh yeah, the more discharge happens all the time with pooping - and related but different, when peeing if I pass gas my pee stream will get stronger. There's only so much room between all of that.
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Yes, perfectly normal.
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Before they were surgically removed, I had uterine polyps that were causing excessive fresh bleeding all the time, esp. when I bore down, like for pooping. If I really am straining during a bowel movement it still happens, but far less often, and far less significantly.
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